Wednesday, July 29, 2015


👍 sesuai untuk pembelajaran kanak2 di rumah dan dimana2 sahaja. (Saiz komik dragon-ball)

👍boleh dijadikan Bahan Bantu Belajar for Teachers/Pre-school/Kindergarten/Nursery (vocabulary expansions)
enjoying colourful pictures
games n quizzes
story-telling, singing
tampal dalam kelas/bilik

👍 unique and beautiful designs to attract children's attention

👍 easy but useful information for children to learn and remember.

👍 helpful questions on the back of each cards provide opportunities for conversation (mak-anak, cikgu-murid abang/kakak-adik)

👍 16 interesting topics/themes
- Animals
- Animals and Their Babies
- Animals that live in Water
- Prehistoric Animals
- Endangered Animals
- Small Creatures
- Birds
- Fruits
- Food and Drinks
- Vegetables
- People and Places
- Occupations
- Things at Home
- Things to Play With
- Things that Move
- In Outer Space

👍25 colourful and quality cards in each box.

👍RM22 PER BOX / RM 100 5 BOXES 

WHATSAPP 0135028006 (page)

"Great is LEARNING, for it leads to LOVE... PLAY, LEARN and GROW together with them" 


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